1991 Adamas 1587-5 #5767-79

The Adamas (see the story here) is the Holy Grail of every Ovation enthusiast. The first I put my hands on is an Adamas 1587 that I purchased from Gruhn Guitars in the early 90s. When it was time to opened the box delivered by UPS, I was so thrilled that I just stood there, staring at it for several minutes before having the courage to touch it. Then I found the courage: she was mint and beautiful. 

This Adamas 1587 is a single epaulet cutaway, the variant that I like the most (the simpler the better!) in the cutaway Adamas family, both for 1 and 2 models.

I played it quite a lot since, so it keeps getting more and more alive and resonant, but she still is in exceptionally fine condition. I mostly use it at home, so I seldom plug it in, but when I do it I enjoy the tone of the Ovation OP-24 preamp, that sounds real plugged in a PA or in my acoustic amplifiers. Awesome.

The neck of this guitar is huge and straight, a good excuse to tune it in open G from time to time and play it with the slide. But I feel so good when I play it and that I always bring it back to a standard tuning, to enjoy its friendly feel and fantastic tone. Now for sale.