1983 Ovation Adamas 1681-9 #3343

The model was introduced late in 1981 to offer a more affordable guitar with the composite top of the 1687. To reduce the price Ovation used a standard 5 piece Ovation neck instead of the one piece American walnut. Also gone is the fancy ornamentation (aka “broccoli”) of bridge and headstock  of the original model. But the core of the Adamas guitar, the suspended composite top, is there, resonant and efficient. 

According to an old thread on the Ovation Fan Club forum, Bill kaman said that the original 1681 Adamas 2 tops were rejected 1687 tops.  This might have to do with the frequency response number indicated on the original Adamas labels. Maybe the tops exceeding a certain range considered optimal were used for the A2 that did not come with the frequency response measurement. Who knows? What I know for sure is that this guitar sounds as good as the best Adamas that I owned or own.

This 1983 guitar is one of the first A2 made, so it still has the original Adamas stereo electronics with the beautiful wooden knobs. I bought it in 2001 from an Italian guitar collector (thank you Igor!) and I used it with the utmost care, so it is in pristine original condition despite its age. The board is elastic and responding, it vibrates well and resonates wonderfully. Well balanced in the voice and easy to play, thanks to a perfect neck.

The original brown case is in nice condition, too. This guitar is now for sale.