1986 Ovation Custom Legend 1869-4 #352412

The Custom Legend 1869 was born as a shallow bowl, cutaway version of the reverend Custom Legend. It has all the gorgeous fancy appointing of the full bowl version, an awesome AAA Sitka spruce top and a super comfortable neck. A perfect onstage guitar that maintains  a more than decent acoustic voice. 

I bought this beautiful 1869 in May 2014, as a first reaction to the closure of the historical plants of New Hartford, CT by Fender Musical Instruments. Seen on Craigslist, it was so clean and the price so reasonable that I decided to bring it home, although at the time I was still looking for the best 1619.

According to the dating page of the Ovation Tribute website it has been made in 1986. Not a scratch, not a sign of wear, in spite of almost 30 years of life. And what’s best, despite the shallow bowl, this guitar produces a well balanced and quite powerful acoustic voice. Plugged in it takes advantage of the OP-24 preamp, considered by many the best acoustic guitar amplification system.

The soundboard is beautiful, obviously with some waving and a minor hairline finish crack, an Ovation trademarks, that I keep under control with a constant attention to the correct humidity in the case.

The inlays are stunning as on every CL. An instrument easy to carry around and very pleasant to play. Thanks John!