1988 Ovation Adamas 1587-X #4602-88 aka Blue Boy

I’ve always loved custom color guitars and this 1587 Adamas was one of the guitars I liked most on Ovationtribute. It has a story, because it was a present from Bill Kaman to Jol Dantzig, founder of Hamer Guitars (another guitar icon that I keep in great respect) in 1988. 

Jol himself was so kind to tell me the real story of this guitar: “The true story was that it was a gift to me from Bill Kaman. But I gave it away to a friend. I did not sell the guitar, I gave it to the office manager (Annette) at Hamer the day we shut the Arlington Heights factory down. She had worked for us at Hamer nearly 15 years in all. I wanted her to have a keepsake from our office because she was not moving to New Hartford with the rest of us”.

Ovation Adamas Blue Boy from Bill Kaman to Jol Dantzig

Eventually the guitar was put for sale, so I did not miss the chance to add it to my roundback herd.

The Blue Boy had not been played much during his former life, so when I got it the voice was a bit tied, but now it sounds and plays awesome: this guitar has class to spare and a perfect neck and craftmanship.

Alberto Biraghi e la Ovation Adamas Blue Boy

The treble side epaulet is weird. Instead of being the smaller one used on most cutaway O’s, it’s just been cropped to fit the cutaway, so I asked Bill Kaman, who replied: “we used what we had available…”.

PS. On the Ovationtribute website it still appears on behalf of the previous owner, but in fact she is safe in my guitars lock room.