1992 Adamas 1881-NB2 87 #12192

The Adamas 1881 is a special and rare Ovation guitar, the only one sporting a graphite top with a super shallow bowl. And in spite of being surprisingly thin, it delivers a decent amount of sound.

Maybe it’s not as loud al my UTE  nor as my wooden 1719 30CM, but this skinny axe produces more sound than one can expect. And it is pure Adamas sound. Maybe not huge, but certainly not as thin as one could expect considering the small internal volume of the super shallow roundback. This is my third super shallow, the other two (a 1869 and a 1988 Collectors) are gone for various incompatibility. But as soon as I put my hands on this Adamas 1881 I understood that she will stay with me for quite a long time.

The neck is straight (the Kaman bar is awesome) and fast, the wood has a pleasant satin finish, the thin body is comfortable both sitting and standing. The Optima preamp delivers the sound that one expects, with a number of switches to tailor it. The included tuner is as inefficient as a tuner can be, but this is a known issue.

I am not particularly fond of the NB2 pigeon-red top color, I would have liked better a blue or a black top, but it’s a small issue and the discrete gold flakes are a beauty. Bought for a fair price in June 2020, just after the end of the Covid-19 lockdown, this Adamas 1881 came with a deep case (where anyway she fits pretty well) and is virtually mint. Thank you Pino!