1995 Ovation Collectors 1995-4 #0323

I am an avid fan of the Ovation Collectors Series since the reverend blue 1982 Legend. I like the Collectors project and surely the idea of putting together the full series is tempting. Fortunately (I should say) not all the Ovation Collectors suit my taste and playing style, so over the years I acquired only those which I like, from the 1982 Collectors, followed by the 1987 Collectors,  the parlour 1997 Collectors,  the 2008-5 (first Adamas in the Collectors series and Kaman era swansong), the 2009 F-KOA and the ALE-1.

Moving my playing habits from electric to acoustic over the years,  I started a search for the perfect amplified acoustic sound. In this field all my Ovations perform wonderfully, but I was curious to try the the Optimax system introduced with the 1995 Collectors. Based on a cocktail of piezo pickup and bridge mic that can be mixed with a fader, it was supposed to deliver the ultimate amplified acoustic tone. The Optimax never made it to the regolar production and this is surprising, because all the guitarists I know that used it (including one of the most famous Italian fingerpickers who had a custom Optimax 1763) consider it the best acoustic pickup system ever.

Besides the electronics, the guitar has a mid bowl, a nice spruce top enriched with the wavy ebony fingerboard end of the Folklore, a super classy rosette with wood and abalone inlays.

Once plugged in the Optimax maintains all the promises, delivering the pure Ovation tone with an extra warmness from the mic. Another wonderful New Hartford instrument from the Kaman era.  I got it in April 2019 from a member of the Ovation Fan Club Facebook page who lives in Texas, trading in my 1994 EA68-5 Viper.  Thank you David! Now for sale after my decision of repositioning my collection.