2005 Adamas U681-T aka UTE #21194

The Adamas U681-T or “UTE” as the Ovation fans call it  is the ultimate fingerpicking composite top roundback. It’s been produced in 2005 as a limited series of 100 guitars to commemorate the 40th anniversary of (I suppose) the year when Charlie Kaman considered building guitars different from the rest. 

I’ve been hunting one for years, but it’s a rare cat and most of the people who had a chance to get one or do not consider selling it or have played it intensely, so she is not as clean as I want.

Eventually in December 2018 an Ovation Facebook group mate advised me of a mint Adamas UTE for sale in France. It took a while to make the deal and the guitar was not cheap, but she is dead mint and perfectly setup. I was expecting a great guitar, but the UTE is beyond any expectation.

My Adamas UTE has a fabulous neck, a great volume, a perfectly balanced tone, a big voice with strong basses and sparkling highs. Light and comfortable as any good roundback should be, she became immediately one of the gems of my Ovation herd. Thank you Patrick.