2007 Ovation 1773-4 Classic LX #611330

In the late times thanks to my new interest for developing my fingerstyle I started thinking about nylon. Ovation needless to say, so I was considering the Ovation 1773-4 Classic LX. The only nylon strings guitar I ever had is my Hofner 6 strings lute that I bough as a teenager to mimic my hero Fabrizio De André, but it uses ball ended strings (hard to find).  

The occasion to get one came in April 2019, when my Scottish (NB: being Scottish for me this is a plus) Facebook buddy Paul Templeman decided to move from his 1773 to an older 1763, so he sent a very friendly offer to purchase the LX. Having just sold the 2009-FKOA (beautiful guitar, but very similar to the ALE-1 which I like better)  I decided to take advantage of it.

The Ovation 1773-4 Classic LX is as beautiful and well done as any early 2K New Hartford made guitar can be: the spruce top has a great vintage tint, the fretboard is flawless, the preamp is the efficient OP-Pro/Studio and the body is the comfortable mid depth bowl.  I cannot say much about the sound quality, because I do not know anything about classic guitars, but this 1773 plays very well and has a powerful voice. I will need a while to get used to the wide-flat classic fingerboard, but I am suer that it will not be a problem. And I like the softe feel of the nylon strings that do not hurt the fingers.

I might add some extra impressions after some getting used to it, for now I can only say that is lots of fun. Thanks Paul!