1992 Adamas 1881-NB2 #12192

The Adamas 1881 is a special and rare Ovation guitar, the only one sporting a graphite top with a super shallow bowl. And in spite of being surprisingly thin, it delivers an incredible amount of tone.

It might be not as loud as my Adamas UTE  or my Ovation Anniversary, but in spite of being skinny this axe is loud, producing way more sound than one can expect. A pure Adamas sound.

This is the third super shallow that I owned, the other two (a 1869 and a 1988 Collectors) left over the years for various incompatibilities with my playing style. But when I put my hands on this Adamas 1881 I understood why it is so sought after by the Ovation aficionados all over the world.

The neck is finished in a pleasant satin finish and is obviously perfect (the Kaman bar is awesome). The thin body is comfortable both sitting and standing. The Optima preamp delivers the awesome sound that one expects from an Ovation, with a number of switches to tailor it to your taste. The included tuner is not a champion of accuracy, but can be useful in case of emergency and this is a plus.

In the beginning I was not particularly fond of the NB2 pigeon-blood red top color, I usually like better the blue and the black tops, but most Ovation aficionados like,  I must say that the discrete gold flakes add beauty and eventually I got used to it and now I like it.

Bought in June 2020, just after the end of the firs Covid-19 lockdown, this Adamas 1881 I am the proud caretaker of comes with an original case and is in mint condition. Now for sale after the decision to reduce my collection. The reason: today I only play acoustic and sitting, so I do not need a shallow stage guitar.