Hung Kuen and martial arts

I threw my first “roundhouse kick” in September 1971 in the Kenyukai gym in Milano, lead by Luciano Panciroli and kept training the karate Shotokan until I conquered my “black belt” in 1976. In the same year I discovered the “Hung Kuen” kung fu thanks to an Hong Kong friend who later introduced me to master Chan Hon Chung.  From 1977 al 1990 I spent all my free time (30 to 45 days per year) in Hong Kong studying the Hung style with master Chan Hon Chung in the historical Hon Chung Gymnasium located at 729 Nathan Road. When the gym closed and master Chan retired I kept training with my “si-hing” and friend, doctor Cheung Yee Keung. I still train the Hung Kuen every morning: the Tit Sin Kuen that i learned from master Chan Hon Chung, the straight sword and the other six bare hands sets. I am still in touch with my Hong Kong brothers: Cheung Yee Keung, Kong Pui Wai, Lee Yun Fook, Seto Wing, Raymond Lau. From 2016 to 2018 I studied the Tai Chi form of the Chen Ming branch with my old friend Fulvio Fiori. In January 2019 I started training the fascinating “Kung Fu Evolution” (a hot rodded Wing Chun) with mr. Dorillo Rota. In the sad days of the COVID-19 first lockdown I decided to share with the world the Tit Sin Kuen that I learned from master Chan Hon Chung in a series of live videos that I collected in this YouTube playlist.