Storie marziali

I threw my first “roundhouse kick” in September 1971 in Göteborg to impress a pretty girl, trying to imitate my pal Vittorio that at the time was “brown belt” in Shotokan karate. Unfortunately I flew on the ground and the girl became my friend Claudio’s girlfriend.

So when I came back to Milano I joined the glorious Kenyukai gym lead by  Luciano Panciroli, and I kept frequenting it until I conquered my “black belt” in 1976.

In 1975 I discovered the “Hung Kuen” kung fu thanks to an Hong Kong guy studying in Milano, who later introduced me to master Chan Hon Chung in Mongkok.  From 1977 al 1990 I spent all my holidays in Hong Kong to study the Hung Kuen style with master Chan Hon Chung in his historical home-gym-office located at 729 Nathan Road. When master Chan retired, I kept training with my “si-hing” doctor Cheung Yee Keung.

I still train the Hung Style every morning: the Tit Sin Kuen as taught by master Chan Hon Chung, the straight sword and the other classic sets of the  Wong Fei Hung – Lam Sai Wing – Chan Hon Chung lineage. I am still in touch with my Hong Kong brothers: Cheung Yee Keung, Kong Pui Wai, Lee Yun Fook, Seto Wing, Raymond Lau.

From 2016 to 2018 I studied the Tai Chi form of the Chen Ming branch with my old friend Fulvio Fiori. In January 2019 I started training the fascinating “Kung Fu Evolution” of mr. Dorillo Rota.