Tit Sin Kuen: forget YouTube and the “workshops”

Chan Hon ChungI see more and more people posting on Fabebook and/or YouTube pictures and videos of themselves engaged in the practice of Tit Sin Kuen. I would like to tell them that this act is wrong, dangerous and not in line with our Hung Kuen tradition.

In the Hung Kuen story, TSK is the last and ultimate form to be learned by a pratictioner. But in the serious schools it is not “taught” (nor it is shown or demonstrated), rather it is “handed down” by the good master – in special circumstances by the elder brother – when he considers that a student has attained a full and deep knowledge of the style.

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I Dodici Ponti dell’Hung Kuen: un po’ di chiarezza

12 bridgesPremessa. Fino a metà anni 2000 ben pochi in Europa avevano sentito parlare di Hung Kuen (letteralmente: il “pugno”, ovvero lo “stile” di Hung) detto anche Hung Gar, la famiglia di Hung (ma a me piace di più “Kuen”, perché per me “famiglia” è la scuola del mio maestro Chan Hon Chung, dove ho vissuto e imparato la disciplina).  Poi, con l’esplosione di Internet, anche le arti marziali si sono aperte al mondo, su blog, video e oggi pagine Facebook. E’ comparso di tutto e di più, un diluvio di informazione con pessimo rapporto segnale/rumore, a causa del quale il lettore meno smaliziato rischia di bersi le sciocchezze che spesso tocca leggere.

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Masters, grand masters, great grand masters…

Master Chan Hon Chung in 1979Westerners who follow the Chinese martial arts, especially those who make a life out of them, are in big troubles with the inflation of the definition “master”. The problem: if you accept that any muscled poser who learned three moves on YouTube or has been photographed in front of a dim-sum calls himself “master”, then you have to find new categories and new hyperboles to define the true masters or even the not-so-bad ones.

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