Gone but not forgotten: sold Ovation guitars

These are the Ovation guitars that I had have sold. Two of them are really missed, the Anniversary 1657-8 and the natural Elite. The rest went (always for a budget price) because had an issue. The list is in order of sale date.

1979 Ovation Matrix 1132-1
My very first Ovation, bought in 1977 in Hong Kong and sold two years later. No big deal of a guitar, but I paid it less than $ 100 including a beautiful brown hard case. I sold it to buy a wood neck Ovation, the alluminum neck felt weird.

1979 Ovation Artist 1621-4
My first real Ovation, bough after selling the Matrix. Had a nice mid depht bowl and a good sound. I traded it in the early Eighties to buy the Anniversary 1657-8 (today missed).

1980 Ovation The Anniversary 1657-8
My third Ovation, bought in a now deceased famous Milanese guitar store trading in the Artist and adding extra money. It had a gorgeous tigght vein orange top and an awesome neck. Sold in the mid Eighties when I was too young to understand how special it was. Big mistake.

Late 80s Ovation Elite 1718-4
My first wood top Adamas-style Ovation, sold in the early 2K.

2005 Ovation Elite 1778T-OFT
Lots of fun to look at, but with a significant neck problem so I sold it.

1988 Ovation Collectors 1988-P
I bought this guitar on eBay. Described as “mint”, in fact had a finish crack on rear of the neck. There were also three superficial finish scratches on the back, near the neck body joint, that the previous owner had touched up with a marker. It also came with a full depth Ovation case, in spite of being a super shallow guitar. The electronics worked, but the control plate screws were rusted. The paperworks were missing. For these reasons I asked a partial reimburse and sold it for the amount I actually paid in November 2018. I must say that after seeing it I decided that I do not like this model, so I will not search a cleaner one.

1979 Ovation The Anniversary 1157-7 #159848
Celebrating the first ten years of guitar building (1966-1976), The Anniversary is in my opinion one of Ovation’s best projects ever. A discrete yet elegant, nice looking, playing and sounding guitar, offered from 1978 to 1982 in this “antique brown” (actually a reddish aged transparent stain) and in “natural”, both in acoustic (1157) and electric (1657) versions. The Anniversary has exclusive snowflake inlays on the ebony fingerboard, multi layered headstock overlay (as on the Adamas 2), exclusive herringbone binding and rosette inlay (later used on the 1991 Collectors), carved bridge and trussrod cover (as on the Custom Legend). I found this pure acoustic in late 2013 on the OFC forum (thank you Jim) that produces a huge sound, with powerful basses, solid mediums and clear highs. It has a thin finish, non structural crack in the middle of the top so I put it for sale at a very reasonable price and sold it in 12 hours, December 2018.