Ovation bought and sold

I am looking forward to adding the following guitars to my collection. If you have one of them (clean, no cracks, issues, mods) at a fair price and look forward to letting her go, please get in touch.
  • 1619-5 Ovation Custom Legend Paul Simon limited edition
  • Adamas 1587-8 single epaulet
  • Adamas W2097
  • Adamas Q597
  • Adamas 1881
  • 1778 PTF Ovation Elite purple Tribal
I might also be interested in other rare, exciting, prototype, one-off Adamas and Ovation USA models.
Always upgrading my colllection, from time to time I let a guitar go. I generally post it on Reverb. But if you see a guitar that you like in this page, please feel free to ask if it’s for sale. Please consider that all of them are in superb condition with the original case, kept and used and serviced with the utmost care, so the prices would be at the high end of the evaluations or even higher.
There’s also a page dedicated to the Ovations that I sold over the years.