Stereotyped schemes are spoiling the Hung style of Chan Hon Chung

After the passing of the master, the Hung style of Chan Hon Chung has been undergoing an heavy contamination and modification by external influences, sometimes openly conflicting with an uncontaminated handing down of its pure essence and tradition. Leggi tutto “Stereotyped schemes are spoiling the Hung style of Chan Hon Chung”

Honour and respect: a distorted storytelling of Chinese martial arts

I heard of a recent flame about “honour and respect” in Chinese martial arts that hit my Hung Kuen brother Che Kong Mak. According to what I understood, he has been criticized for posting a video of him teaching Hung Kuen kung fu to some Wing Chun students wearing the t-shirt of their school.

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Info per chi vuole imparare l’Hung Kuen di Chan Hon Chung

Ricevo un grande e inaspettato numero di richieste da persone che vogliono imparare l’Hung Kuen di Chan Hon Chung che ho appreso tra il 1977 e la fine degli anni 80 nei miei lunghi soggiorni a Hong Kong, all’Hon Chung Gymnasium, 729 di Nathan Road. La cosa mi fa molto piacere, anche se sono sempre restio a farlo, visto che ho molta stima del termine (oggi inflazionato) “maestro” e non mi considero tale. D’altro canto capisco di essere custode di un bene raro e non ritengo giusto non condividerlo.
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Wrong stances in Hung Kuen: a priceless secret revealed

Again with this great Hung style performer. In the previous article I explained as this video confirms my theory of of a few movements added by my brother Cheung Yee Keung to Chan Hon Chung’s  Tit Sin Kuen just before the first unicorn step. But there’s much more in this performance.  Leggi tutto “Wrong stances in Hung Kuen: a priceless secret revealed”

Il Tit Sin Kuen di Chan Hon Chung

I found a YouTube channel with a few videos of a guy performing the Tit Sin Kuen and some other forms of the Hung Kuen style. His kung fu is 95% similar to the one that my master Chan Hon Chung taught in the late Seventies and early Eighties in the iconic 729 Nathan Road gymnasium in Hong Kong. Leggi tutto “Il Tit Sin Kuen di Chan Hon Chung”

Per chi vuole imparare l’Hung Kuen di Chan Hon Chung

Compio in questi giorni di fine 2016 i 40 anni esatti di pratica dell’Hung Kuen. Ho cominciato nel 1976 a Milano con “Benjamin” Fung Hon, fratello di “George” Fung Kyu, allievo prediletto prematuramente scomparso del maestro Chan Hon Chung. Benjamin mi ha insegnato le prime posizioni e Mui Fah Kuen.

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Hung Kuen: the salute unlocks the breathing secrets

Chan Hon Chung training Tit Sin KuenHung Kuen: the salute contains the explanation of the breathing secrets.

“This is a great fact that I am sharing now, for the benefit of whoever wants to get it: in our family’s Hung style breathing in never happens while contracting the muscles or even worse executing a technique. For this reason we do not breath in while pulling the hands, as many people of other schools do.”  This phrase written in a previous article produced a significant quantity of messages from students interested in a more exhaustive explanation of the matter.

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A great review of my book

Albertro Biraghi e Chan Hon Chung sifu“In fact, the author seems to make a very pointed argument that Hung Gar is in its essence not a technical system of physical movements, but is instead an expression of culture. He doubts the ability of anyone who was not born within the Chinese language and society to genuinely master the art, let alone teach it. In fact, one cannot help but escape the impression that for him the Chinese martial arts are “authentic” precisely because they emerge from (and ultimately reduce to) an expression of Chinese culture. Still, reading between the lines it seems that he felt that being immersed within his network of Kung Fu Brothers was enough to give him access to some of the inner aspects of the art, and make up for his own lack of deep cultural background.”

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Hung Kuen stances: how to avoid pollutions

chan hon chung Hung Kuen stances: a correct execution is the most important assumtion for the serious student. In every martial art the forms are basically a symbolic (if not “metaphoric”) way to avoid the contaminations, aimed to keep and hand down the set as pure as possible. But every student should know that – albeit in a full respect of the tradition – a significant quantity of realism must be kept in the practice. Master Chan Hon Chung granted a great importance to this realism, that was part of his teaching starting from the stances, the actual pillars of the whole system. Our master always pushed us to keep realism in our practice of the forms, explaining that the Hung style is not about dancing or showing off, but it’s about fighting, for real.

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Tips for a pure “one finger bridge”

Chan Hon ChungA few words about the “one finger bridge” and the “three extensions”. Back in the days in the Hon Chung Gymnasium in Hong Kong this gesture – so peculiar to Hung Kuen and a significant symbol in the Chinese secret societies tradition – was held in great consideration and trained with care.

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