Wrong stances in Hung Kuen: a priceless secret revealed

chan hon chung

Again with this great Hung style performer. In the previous article I explained as this video confirms my theory of of a few movements added by my brother Cheung Yee Keung to Chan Hon Chung’s  Tit Sin Kuen just before the first unicorn step. But there’s much more in this performance. 


The execution exactly matches the Tit Sin Kuen that I learned in the mid Eighties at 729 Nathan Road. Stances in particular (the foundations of the Hung style and as of every serious martial art) should be observed with the utmost attention, because they match perfectly the stances taught in the Hon Chung gym back in the days.

Browsing YouTube one cannot fail to notice that not a few practitioners – including some well known masters of noble lineage – perform the Hung Kuen stances in a way that would have been judged wrong. This video is precious and can reveal the secrets of the real Hung Kuen, helping the dedicated practitioner to avoid the following mistakes, seldom seen in the videos shared on the Internet:

  • an excessively low sei ping mah, that puts too much effort on the leg muscles an joints, making difficult, hard and slow the exit from the stance
  • a ji ng mah made artificially low pointing the rear foot outside thus forcing the waist to an open (thus weak) position
  • a fluctuation of the center of gravity when switching from ji ng mah to sei ping mah (sinking) and back (rising) that dilutes the energy
  • incorrect dynamic of the waist, producing a wrong breathing and a weak stance.

Again, I cannnot hold back from suggesting once again to examine this video over and over. There’s a treasure hidden in these movements performed by an old Chinese man while producing weird sounds.