Guitars for sale and guitars wanted

I am always upgrading and fine tuning my collection, so from time to time I put my guitars for sale. Please consider that all of my instruments are in superb condition for the age, with the original case. I always keep, use and service them with the utmost care. Please note: I buy and sell guitars for pure pleasure of changing, I am not making money on this activity, I never did, if anything I lost when selling instruments whose  market value had dropped. So you can feel confident.

Guitars for sale (this page is constantly updated)

Estimated shipping prices including pro packing

  • Free delivery in Lombardy
  • Italy € 50-80 Italy
  • European Union € 80-120
  • USA € 120-150 USA
  • Other destinations worldwide upon request

These quotes are based on previous shippings costs. Please send an email indicating the full address for an exact shipping quote. Insurance  usually costs around 1/100 of the declared value. Each guitar comes in the original hard case in super clean condition.

Payment: PayPal or bank money transfer in advance.

If are interested in one of the other guitars of my collection not listed here, feel free to ask anyway, I might agree to sell it.

I am not interested in trading in other guitars, with the exception of the guitars mentioned in the paragraph “Ovations guitars wanted” below.

PS I kept track of all the Ovation guitars that I owned over the years.

Guitars I am looking for

If you have one of the following guitars (should be very clean, no cracks, no issues, no mods, etcetera) and you want to sell it at a reasonable price, please get in touch.

  • Ovation 1619-5 Custom Legend Paul Simon limited edition
  • Ovation Adamas W2097
  • Ovation Adamas Q597
  • Fender Stratocaster Eric Clapton Blackie year 1989 (serial E9….)
  • Fender Stratocaster Eric Clapton Torino red year 1988 (serial E8….)
  • Gibson J-45 “banner”

I might also be interested in other rare, exciting, prototype, one-off Adamas and Ovation USA models not listed above. Please write if you have one for sale.