The Ovation guitars in my collection

Over the years I owned about thirty Ovation and Adamas guitars. From 202o I started to trim down my collection. The reasons are various, but mostly because I decided to keep only the guitars that I actually play. Also, I realized that I could not reach the sound of John Prine (my source of musical inspiration, who mostly plays Martin dreadnoughts and a Gibson J-200) with the Ovations, so I got myself a D-28 and a J-200, which I play extensively. Obviously I did not change my mind about Ovations, which I still love and consider outstanding guitars. Those that I kept are the really best of the best.

Adamas 3

1997 Adamas 1591-BCB #88 aka Adamas 3

Apparently a project dedicated to the European market, the Adamas 1591 aka Adamas 3 was built in the late Nineties ...
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1657 Ovation Anniversary 1981

1981 Ovation The Anniversary 1657-4 #239329

The Ovation 1657 Anniversary has a bizarre story: designed in 1977 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company, was ...
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