The Ovation guitars in my collection

1657 Ovation Anniversary 1981

1981 Ovation The Anniversary 1657-4 #239329

The Ovation 1657 Anniversary has a bizarre story: designed in 1977 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company,  was ...
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1982 Ovation Collectors 1982-8 #472

Early in 1982 the Ovation retailers received brochure (this, front and back) with a young Bill Kaman (scion of the ...
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Ovation Adamas 2 1681

1983 Ovation Adamas 1681-9 #3343

The model was introduced late in 1981 to offer a more affordable guitar with the composite top of the 1687 ...
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1987 Ovation Collectors 1987-7 #367

After launching the Collectors series in 1982 with  the full bowl blue guitar, Ovation with four super-shallow bowls. But in 1987 the ...
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Ovation Adamas Blue Boy made for Jol Dantzig

1988 Ovation Adamas 1587-X #4602-88 aka Blue Boy

I've always loved custom color guitars and this 1587 Adamas was one of the guitars I liked most on Ovationtribute ...
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1991 Adamas 1587-5

1991 Adamas 1587-5 #5767-79

The Adamas (see the story here) is the Holy Grail of every Ovation enthusiast. The first I put my hands ...
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Adamas 1881 #12192

1992 Adamas 1881-NB2 87 #12192

The Adamas 1881 is a special and rare Ovation guitar, the only one sporting a graphite top with a super ...
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1994 Adamas 1687-x #050494 custom built for Bill Kaman

I saw this nice guitar accidentally on Dave Guitar Shop's website in 2002 and I bought it on the spot ...
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Ovation Folklore

1995 Ovation Folklore 6774-4 #486627

I always admired the Folklore, evolution of the original Ovation Josh White after Josh's death in 1969. The 1995 edition of ...
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Ovation 1995 Collectors

1995 Ovation Collectors 1995-4 #0323

I am an avid fan of the Ovation Collectors Series since the reverend blue 1982 Legend. I like the Collectors ...
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Adamas 3

1997 Adamas 1591-BCB #88 aka Adamas 3

Apparently a project dedicated to the European market, the Adamas 1591 aka Adamas 3 was built in the late Nineties ...
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2004 Custom Legend 1719-30cm

2004 Ovation 1719-30CM Custom Legend #581477

From 1974 the Ovation Custom Legend (born upon request of Linda McCartney who wanted to give a Legend to Paul, ...
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Ovation Adamas U681-T

2005 Adamas U681-T aka UTE #21194

The Adamas U681-T or "UTE" as the Ovation fans call it  is the ultimate fingerpicking composite top roundback. It's been ...
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adamas 2008-5

2007 Adamas 2008-5 Collectors #57

In 2008 for the first time an Adamas appeared in the Collectors series after 25 years of woodtop Collectors vibes ...
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