Ovation Collectors series 1982-2011

Ovation 1987 Collectors

Produced each year from 1982 in limited numbers, the Collectors Series gave Ovation the opportunity to launch new technologies and new designs, giving birth to stunning guitars, featuring gorgeous appointments and finishes. New necks, preamps, body sizes, shapes could be tested in the hands of active pro musicians and Ovation fans. Some guitars became Holy Grails for the avid Ovation collector, such as the 1987-7 and the 2008-5, but all of them are hi-quality, efficient and good looking instruments.

Year Model Description Color
1982 1982-8 Deep bowl non-cutaway, round soundhole Blueburst
1983 1983-B Super-shallow cutaway, round soundhole Barnboard
1984 1984-5 Super-shallow cutaway, Elite style top Ebony stain
1985 1985-1 Super-shallow cutaway, 6 and 12 strings, Elite style Autumnburst
1986 1986-6 Super-shallow cutaway, 6 and 12 strings, round soundhole Pearl White
1987 1987-7 Deep bowl cutaway, Elite style sitka spruce top Natural
1987 1987-5 Deep bowl cutaway, Elite style sitka spruce top Black (veri rare)
1988 1988-P Super-shallow cutaway, Elite style Pewter
1989 1989-8 Super-shallow cutaway, round soundhole, 6 on a side tuners Blue Pearl
1990 1990-7 Deep bowl cutaway, Elite style bird’s-eye maple top. Also available in limited quantities: 1990-1 sunburst, 199S-7 supershallow natural, 199S-1 supershallow sunburst Natural
1991 1991-4 Deep bowl Balladeer cutaway bowl, round soundhole solid spruce top, 25 years headstock decal. Also available 1991-5 black metallic finish Natural
1992 1992-H Super-shallow cutaway, Elite style Tomo ash top Honeyburst
1993 1993-4 Shallow cutaway, Elite style spruce top Natural
1994 1994-7 Shallow cutaway, round soundhole spruce top Natural
1995 1995-7 Shallow cutaway, round soundhole spruce top, extra acoustic mic in the bridge Natural
1996 1996-TPB Shallow cutaway, round soundhole sitka spruce top, exaphonic Burgundy
1997 1997-N and 1997-W Parlor sized mid depth bowl, round soundhole, wide neck 1-11/16″ or 1-7/8″ Natural
1998 1998-NEB and 1998-RWB Shallow cutaway, Elite style New England Burst or Red Wine Burst
1999 1999-RWB Shallow cutaway Elite style, waterfallo bubinga top Natural
2000 2000-THA Shallow cutaway Elite style, figured lacewood Transparent honey
2001 2001-FRA Cutaway Elite style, figured redwood. Some (most in Japan) with round hole. Natural gloss
2002 2002-AC Shallow cutaway Elite style, African cerry top African Cherry
2003 2003-VN Shallow cutaway Elite style, Sitka spruce top Vintage natural
2004 1719-30CM non cutaway deep bowl, bearclaw spruce top Natural
2005 2005-ES cutaway deep bowl, Englemann spruce top Natural
2006 2006-FKOA single cutaway deep Elite style, figured koa top Figured koa
2007 2007-BCS single cutaway deep bowl Elite style, solid bear claw spruce top Vintage natural
2008 2008-5 Adamas branded deep bowl contoured cutaway, Adamas style Black
2009 2009-FKOA single cutaway deep contour body, round hole figured koa top Natural
2010 2078LE single cutaway deep contour body, Elite style solid Adirondack spruce top Natural
2011 1617ALE1 single cutaway deep contour body, round hole solid Adirondack spruce top Sunburst