Hung Ga Story: i miei anni col maestro Chan Hon Chung

Alberto Biraghi and Chan Hon Chung

“Check out one of the best Hung Ga Kyun books I had pleasure to read in years (and download a free sample here). Hung Ga Story is a memoir of Alberto Biraghi and his martial arts journey. Alberto studied the traditional Hung Ga Kyun in Hong Kong with the late Grand Master Chan Hon Chung, spending with him more than a month per year from 1977 until the closing of his historic gym at 729 of Nathan Road” (Pavel Macek).

Are you curious about traditional Gung Fu training in Hong Kong in 1970’s and 1980’s? Alberto’s memoirs offer a unique insight into the world of the Southern Chinese Kung Fu, it’s training principles, application and philosophy.

“… One of the best books on Hung Kuen I have had the pleasure to read!”
– Frank Bolte Sifu, Hung Kuen Academy Germany 

“For current students of Hung Kuen it perfectly describes the atmosphere of a traditional Kung Fu school and the teaching methods in the past. Definitely a must-read!”
– Charris van’t Slot Sifu, Fan Kwoen, Hung Ga Kung Fu Utrecht, Netherlands

“It should be required reading for students of Kung Fu: for older ones it will bring back some treasured memories, for younger ones it will give an insight into the values of the past generation.”
– David Rogers Sifu, Rising Crane Centre, UK

I would recommend this book to those who want to gain insight into the daily life of Hong Kong as a foreign kung fu student, and those searching for a break from daily life to take an amazing journey in time without ever leaving your chair.
– Pedro Cepero Yee Sifu, President, Yee’s Hung Ga International Kung Fu Association, USA Headquarters


PS: all rights to this book were donated to Pavel Macek as a support of his precious work of research and divulgation on the Hung family style (Alberto Biraghi).