1997 Adamas 1591-BCB #88 aka Adamas 3

Ovation Adamas 3 1997
Ovation Adamas 3 1997

Apparently a project dedicated to the European market, the Adamas 1591 aka Adamas 3 was built in the late Nineties to celebrate one of the first Adamas prototypes, the #17, which dates from the first half of the ’70s. 

Not a reproduction, the Adamas 3 is just inspired to its venerable Adamas ancestor and was produced in 90 pieces: mine is the 88th, so it’s one of the last made. I always loved the unconventional oval holes and the dark oxblod sunburst, so when I found this mint A3 for sale in 2000, I grabbed it. Good move, I rarely saw another one for sale and always commanding a very high price.

Guitar by a powerful voice, clear but with a significant emphasis on the low end (perhaps due to the different holes configuration), needs to be driven with some energy to give its best. If picked or strummed hard it delivers a huge, penetrating sound.

Alberto Biraghi with his Adamas 3

The satin finished neck of the Adamas 3 is a dream, so perfect that I can set a low action without producing any buzzes. I love the look and feel of this guitar. Now for sale.